22+ Baby Zucchini
. This recipe was thought up in about five minutes because i needed to clean out the fridge. Arrange the zucchini on the labneh (or yogurt).

Baby Zucchini 500g
Baby Zucchini 500g from mzr3ty.com

So, i googled baby zucchini recipes and look what came up first. Its skin is glossy and deep green in color with faint cream freckles. Add garlic and cook another minute.

For a more forward flavored dish with a pretty golden hue, be sure to add the turmeric.

This delicious homemade zucchini + potato baby food puree is a soft and creamy puree that makes for a great first puree to introduce to baby! I used a hard cheese called vintage grand ewe because whole foods was giving out samples. Harvested the fruit when they were pretty large.they were still not at all seedy and this zucchini plant grew quite well and produced a bounty of friuts. When it is time for your baby to start solid foods, the amount of fruits and vegetables available may seem overwhelming.

By Arja

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